Change management

Is your team or organisation dealing with change? I have the skills to help you. I come in on project basis or as a consultant.

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Executive coaching

As a manager, your role in organisational change is key. Oddly, more often than not you’re being left out of the process. I offer the support you need. Want to know how?

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Training and coaching everyone involved is extremely effective when it comes to change management. I use existing tools or customise to your needs.

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The right facilitation lightens your burden. Whether it comes to meetings, brain storms or team building sessions, I help you to achieve your goal.

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Project-based or as a consultant

Change management

When you hire me as your project manager I take charge of your change process. I set up your team, create a strategy, develop the necessary interventions for a successful campaign and execute this from a to z. I have over ten years of experience which helps in coming up with effective and refreshing solutions to your problem.

When you hire me as your consultant your own team takes charge. I advise on the change strategy, assist the team and challenge them to integrate the change into their day-to-day business. On top of that I put forward suggestions which your team can apply to the current situation as well as in any future circumstances.

Choose change management when:

  • your organisation is dealing with cultural change
  • you’re transitioning to a new work method
  • you’re facing a reorganisation
  • you want to imbed change management into your organisation

Want to know more about my approach and the tools I use? Send me an email or call me for more information.

With executive coaching you learn to:

  • understand your role in the change process
  • discuss delicate topics
  • give constructive feedback to your team
  • understand your role as facilitator

Want to find out more about how I can assist you as an executive? Send me an email or call me for more information.

One-on-one or team coaching

Executive coaching

As a manager, you play a key role in organisational change. Because you’re often the one who initiates the change, people automatically expect you’ll know how to deal with it. But, it’s lonely at the top. I am your sparring partner and help you reflect so you too will grow into your new role.

Beliefs, insecurities or unfamiliarity can often block progress. I invest in this. In this way I make your change future-proof.

I manage you or your management team. By setting the right example, you get your team involved and inspire them to participate. Working together gets results.  

Standard or customised


Training change management

This training gives you and your team perspective on why change is often difficult and what you can do to head in the right direction. The training is very pragmatic. Alongside theoretical insights I let you do a lot of role playing where I use real day-to-day situations to help understand the theoretical framework in your work setting.

Training for team building

When it comes to teambuilding I customise to your needs in order to reach your goal in the best possible way. I base the training on existing tools like DISC (personal assessment tool) and Ofman’s core quadrant.

Fully customised training

I develop a customised training plan which I then give to your team. I talk to you about the focus you’re looking for, and help you get clarity on what the training needs to be about, who your target audience is and how they learn. Based on our chat I design a customised approach. Part of the approach is ‘learning by doing’ – because it’s the best way to achieve behavioural change.

Different types of training:

  • change management
  • DISC (personal assessment tool)
  • workshop Ofman’s core quadrant
  • fully customised training

Would you like to know more about the tools I use in training sessions or what my customised approach looks like? Send me an email or call me for more information.

I facilitate:

  • team building sessions
  • brainstorms
  • strategic meetings
  • feedback sessions
  • composing or editing your annual business plan

Would you like to learn more about my efforts as a facilitator? Send me an email or call me for more information.

Strategic meetings


How do you make sure your team starts ticking off to do’s after a strategic meeting? Which format do you use in a brainstorm session to guarantee its effectiveness? How do you improve the group’s dynamic and team results? How do you compose an annual strategy with goals that are both ambitious and realistic for your team?

The right facilitation lightens your burden. I set your goals, help choose between different formats and offer a follow-up. I also facilitate your meeting, making sure all the team members – including the managers – can fully participate. Last but not least, I encourage everyone to get involved, safeguard a good group dynamic and structure the process.


I plan an introduction with you to understand your needs and find out how I can help you. We can do this over the phone, or meet up for coffee or lunch.